Shaelah Morris

LizHs3Qt3QGGC72irQ7I8qu0f7dra8tEAmlVW7cVX5I,Fv1vLEYZg8AyiKTa6nTtAinmv_uoSu3JHE76sJdtH9E,swovRvPteVKPvlE-OCkT1s1-ET0YGUt7sDX6agsf-2o,36BgThQGUApPN-x8inr6xDBkFKurfOXZEBweG0CYrPkShaelah Morris discovered her passion for yoga after traveling the world as a professional big mountain skier and former alpine ski racer. Yoga not only healed her injuries, but took her on a journey far beyond anything she could have imagined. Shaelah is the founder of Yoga Studio Tahoe and now brings her passion for the mountains on to the mat. Known for her asansa kickin’, music flowin’ fun classes, Shaelah’s deep devotion to yoga is evident and uplifting to all. Teaching since 2000, Shaelah has owned 4 studios in Lake Tahoe and is humbled to offer the gifts and knowledge she has received from her great teachers: Janet Stone, Rusty Wells and Baron Baptiste, to name a few. Shaelah is certified through theYoga Alliance and leads 200 hour teacher trainings and retreats around the world.  Her classes are designed to open your heart and lift you to your edge. Shaelah’s vigorous, energetic, and playful style will have you sweating, smiling and falling in love with yoga the way she has.


Britt Bahle

306815_107244119421569_1519141272_nI came to yoga through ski racing for physical training. In 2006 I suffered a career ending injury and near paralysis. My recovery was slow and my doctors assured me that my spine would never be what it once was, but little by little yoga has brought me back to a very healthy and happy place. Yoga has made such a difference in my emotional and physical health that I knew I wanted to be able to teach to share yoga with others. In September of 2010 I traveled to Rishikesh, India to receive my yoga teacher’s training. Now I’m back in Tahoe rock climbing, teaching yoga, shredding the gnar and loving life in general. I teach challenging classes that focus on strength and balance. I believe every day should be filled with laughter and something that challenges ourselves, so I try to bring that mentality to the mat.

Meghan Ruiz

Meghan’s practice began with a summer course in college during the summer of 2001. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Kim Orenstein of Yoga Loka Reno and has been teaching since 2009. After her family relocated to Truckee she and her husband began practicing at Yoga Studio Tahoe and studying the heart-centered teaching of Bhakti yoga with Shaelah Morris.  She has been teaching at Studio Tahoe since 2010 and feels so blessed to be part of the amazing Tahoe yoga community. Meghan draws inspiration from breath-movement dance of vinyasa flow and loves the challenge of arm balancing and inversion poses. She seeks to share her knowledge in the safe, supportive, loving space of her classes and workshops.


Deanna Neu

Deanna is a long time Tahoe Truckee local, loving the practice of yoga for the last 15 years. She is a mother, a local business owner, a ski instructor and now devoted Bahkti Yoga Instructor.  Her passions include her two beautiful daughters, skiing, dancing, the outdoors, and yoga.  Her yoga journey has evolved from prenatal yoga, to Bikram yoga, and then to finding her true passion of Vinyasa flow yoga.  She has had the pleasure of studying with Shaelah Morris locally for over 12 years. She recently decided to give back and share with others all the wonderful physical, spiritual, and mental benefits yoga has brought to her life.  Deanna became a certified Bahkti Instructor with one of her favorite and inspiring teachers Rusty Wells. She loves to integrate her positive attitude, playful, motivated, and loving spirit into her classes.  Her passion for life, music, and yoga will elevate you to new levels as you explore your edge together.

Kristin Englund



Kristin Englund believes yoga is the key ingredient to happiness, healing & peace. She feels most at home within a yoga community & hopes to unite the world by introducing everyone she meets to the joys of living a life of yoga.

Kristin began her yoga teaching journey with Janet Stone and continues to add to her yoga practice with influences from powerful teachers like Saul David Raye, Ashley Turner, Stephanie Snyder, Rusty Wells & Shaelah Morris- offering Bhakti (Devotional) Flow with twists of dance rhythms, love, light & happy smiles.  She is excited to share her love of yoga, dance & life with the Tahoe/Truckee community.



Meredith Calderas

Meredith Calderas grew up dancing, cheerleading and doing gymnastics. Being active and upside down is what keeps her sane and her mind focused. After dislocating her knee cap at an audition for a hip hop team, what felt like devastation brought her the biggest blessing of her life: yoga. She found something she could do for the rest of her life that pushes her and keeps her level headed. A practice that is not only physical, but also mental and spiritual. The strength, flexibility, balance and breath that yoga has given her on the mat and off that mat, she wants to share with the world. After graduating from Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours with Shaelah Morris, she is now living her dream of being a teacher and is incorporating her love for yoga with her other passions of aerial fabrics, dance, and photography. She lives to inspire and continues to strive toward her goals to prove that dreams do come true. Find her on Instagram @meowmerekat and at

jenny kendrick

Yoga has been a beacon in Jenny Kendrick’s life for more than 18 years. Her introduction to yoga was not a romantic one – it started in college at a Gold’s Gym and her practice developed over time as yoga became more accessible. Jenny completed her first teacher training with Rusty Wells at Urban Flow in San Francisco in December 2013. She decided to further her studies in her local yoga community and completed a 200-hour teacher training at Studio Tahoe with Shaelah Morris in June 2014.  As a marketing professional (AKA slave to the desk) by day and also a lover of the great outdoors, yoga has helped Jenny to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Jenny has practiced with Shaelah Morris for more than 10 years and has been inspired by her teachers including Rusty Wells and Janet Stone. Although Jenny has practiced and enjoys a variety of styles of yoga, she has a special appreciation for Vinyasa yoga and feels the most connected with Bhakti yoga. She says, “There’s just something about that chanting that grows on you and keeps you coming back for more!” Jenny feels blessed to be along this journey exploring life as an eternal student of yoga and is honored to have the opportunity to share this incredible gift with others.

Hanni Schwiesow

Hanni began her yoga journey in 2006 when she moved to Lake Tahoe.  Her yoga experience includes Bhakti and Vinyasa Flow, Forrest, Anusara and Kripalu techniques.  Her classes incorporate aspects she has learned from each of her teachers to create a unique flow sequence.  Classes combine pranayama, asana, music and devotional chanting while also creating awareness of body alignment.  They will always be different and they will always be fun and challenging.  Upon completion of her 300-hour yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia, in 2011, she began teaching vinyasa flow classes in her hometown of Homer, Alaska.  After 2 years of teaching regular classes throughout Tahoe and Truckee, she decided it was time to dive deeper into her practice and training.  In 2014 she took the opportunity to travel back to Bali for Janet Stone’s Advanced Immersion.  Get ready to sweat, laugh, have fun and challenge yourself.  Every day is an adventure with new opportunities; the yoga brings it all together.  To learn more check out her blog and website at  Jai!


crystal robertson

Crystal found yoga in search of regaining flexibility and movement in her body after 25 years of being a competitive dancer. After a few years of no dance like movement and only active outdoors sports she found herself stiff, tight and mentally fatigued. Bhakti Vinyasa Flow helped Crystal find space, expansion and lightness in her body and focus, strength and clarity in her mind. Yoga also taught her how to use her breath off the mat which has helped her stamina and stability in her favorite outdoor sports. Crystal encourages students to make yoga a beautiful art, flowing like dancer, while gaining stability and strength. Riding the flow like a wave, she hopes to move you out of your head and into your body and the present moment, a meditation in motion. When Crystal’s not practicing yoga she is snowboarding, skiing, road biking, mtn. biking, scuba diving, stand up paddling, surfing or traveling the world. Crystal completed her training with Shaelah Morris at Studio Tahoe and achieved RYT 200 certification.

kellee rich

Practicing yoga as a means  of cross-training for competitive snow sports from as early as 1994, Kellee has always held a love and knowledge of what yoga can do for the mind, body and soul.  It wasn’t until she suffered a stroke in August of 2013 that paralyzed her right-side, that yoga became a means for survival.  When several doctors became puzzled as to the cause of the stroke, at such the young age of 32, she again turned to yoga.  By this time she was in and out of a wheelchair. Within weeks Kellee graduated from wheelchair to cane, all by going to Bikram yoga on a daily basis.  Soon after receiving her diagnosis and treatment for Lyme Disease, she re-discovered Vinyasa Flow and Bhakti yoga.  Since this time of healing,  Kellee  has dedicated her practice to the teachings of  beauty,  grace and  patience  that make Bhakti the yoga of love and  devotion.  Cured  of Lyme Disease and  feeling better  than  ever, Kellee  finally fulfilled her  dreams of becoming a yoga teacher when she  completed Shaelah Morris’ first ever 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training, in Truckee, CA. Kellee’s home town.  “It’s a choice to be a survivor, to choose life over suffering …  ” K.Rich, July 2014. Kellee fuses music, poetry and fun into her classes!  Everyone at every level welcome, especially those new to yoga as a practice.  She encourages and inspires her students to find self-empowerment, peace, love and  light.  Her  classes offer a comprehensive introduction to Bhakti yoga and Vinyasa Flow basics that establish the essential building blocks of the tradition: conscious awareness, proper alignment, and individual intention, all to the beat of a creative flow sequence. These stepping-stones lead to what lies beyond….transformation. Nothing is impossible!


Geoff Hancock

Yoga Pic

After spending many years skiing I turned to yoga as a panacea for all my aches and stiff joints. I discovered that yoga went far beyond the physical aspects and that it can help people in so many other ways. I recently completed my first 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Studio Tahoe and the incomparable Shaelah Morris. She helped teach me to want to share my experience with others so I have decided to teach with her. I look forward to sharing all I’ve learned and growing more within our fantastic community.

Jessica De Aragon


Jessica started practicing yoga in 2010 and instantly fell in love with it. She soon learned that it was much more than just a physical practice, it was good for the mind, body, and soul. She grew up in the Tahoe area and loves all the amazing activities that can be done in the mountains. She continues to practice yoga to improve her physical and mental health. She believes that there is nothing that a little yoga can’t fix. Jessica completed her RTY 200 hour teacher training with Shaelah Morris right here at Studio Tahoe. Jessica’s dynamic flow and sweet presences will have you moving, sweating and grooving as she follows the Bhakti Flow path Studio Tahoe embraces.

pia newman

In her search for improved strength, flexibility and balance, Pia found yoga in 2011. She began to practice Hatha yoga every now and then and tried the Bikram method and Yin yoga a few times, but it wasn’t until she experienced Bhakti that she truly fell in love with the yoga practice and philosophy. In May 2014 she was invited to participate in a six week intensive Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training in Truckee California, the place she’s called home for the past 10 years. In searching for a more meaningful and consistent practice, she claims yoga found her and has given her the opportunity to share her love for yoga with others. Alongside her dear teacher, Shaelah Morris, and each teacher around her, she keeps finding expansion and new horizons in her own practice while sharing her yoga experiences with others in her grounding and calming offerings. Pia enjoys the endless learning opportunities that yoga offers on the mat as well as away from it. She finds peace in meditation and breathing practices and strives to stay connected with the foundation and alignment of asana. She feels blessed to be in this path of self discovery and intimate connection with the divine inside and for the chance to create and hold an inviting and loving space for others, new and experienced practitioners. She strongly believes in opening her heart to new possibilities and perspectives for a better understanding of the world by constantly proclaiming: Why Not…?

Abby Jacob

YOGA picAbby’s love for yoga developed instantaneously during her first class in 2009.  Literally.  While living in San Francisco, there was so much stimulation all around and her life was in a whirlwind.  On the verge of a breakdown she needed a change, a big one.  Understanding finally that late nights and happy hours were no way to revive one’s self from the rat race, she explored a new avenue.  She went to her first yoga class at Urban Flow with Rusty Wells, reluctant and unmotivated.  She came into the hot studio space, immediately debated leaving and catching a martini at a cozy dimly lit bar around the corner,  but she stayed, in the light and in the heat.  She practiced.  As sweat gushed from every pore and lactic acid released from every muscle, something great shifted within her mind, body and soul.  For the first time inner peace was not just a theory but an experienced reality.  Her heart was full.  As pain and stress released from her, love and flexibility filled her.  A healthy, self-respectful path had started to pave the way.  No longer feeling connected to SF a move to the mountains was on the horizon, but only if she could find a place where the yoga was hot and full of love.  Yoga had become her happiness, her peace, her inspiration, her life.  Already familiar and fond of the Tahoe area, Studio Tahoe and Shaleah Morris seemed to draw her right in.  Looking no further, she moved to Truckee in 2012 and found home.  Abby continues to practice strong and devoted at Studio Tahoe.  She has completed her 200 YTT with Shaleah Morris in June 2014.  She looks forward to opening others to the magic and transformative powers of yoga through a vigorous practice, devotion and chanting.