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Vinyasa Flow… a fluid style yoga practiced in a heated room ~90 degrees. Vinyasa yoga links movement with breath to inspiring, upbeat music that will feed your soul and brighten your day. This class is based on building strength, balance, and flexibility, to help you feel the best you can feel in your body. We will flow through sun salutations, warriors series, balancing and core series, backbends, inversions, floor postures, breathing exercises, and hip openers. All levels welcome, beginners will be challenged but are always welcome.

Hot Yoga (Bikram style)…A therapeutic 💦sweaty series of 26 yoga poses + 2 breathing exercises “Bikram Style” that will rock your world in our stunning, spacious 💧HOT & HIP yoga studio allowing you to increase flexibility, tone your entire, clear your skin, heal injuries, energize your life, build strength, confidence and focus power while detoxify all systems of the body, mind and soul. Heated to ~95🔥99 degrees allowing you to lose that stubborn inches and body fat, as you revitalize on all levels. All levels welcome, great for beginners and anyone suffering from injuries. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!

Deep Core Flow… formally known as Mellow Flow, designed to open your hips, heart, and mind and is yoga practiced in a heated room ~85 degrees. This a great class for beginners, tight athletes, pregnant women and anyone who wants to explore the power and transformation that yoga brings. This is a series of nurturing floor postures that will leave you feeling better then you could ever imagine, simply by stretching and opening your body in a very gentle, yet effective way. All levels welcome. No experience needed. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!

Power Sculpt…Here muscle meets yoga. Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks. You’ll combine free weights with a vigorous Power Yoga Flow and cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls and more. Come get your sweat on and build the strength you have been searching for! 

Soulrise Flow… is a transformational yoga experience that combines Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga awakens our inner light and literally shifts the biochemistry of the body using strong, dynamic movements and powerful breathing exercises. As we flow through yoga asana, we consciously combine powerful breathwork, Kyras (fast, precise, challenging movements), mantra and meditation, we ignite our innermost fire, awaken your deepest desires, and cultivate our innermost strength and POWER. The room is NOT HEATED as we will generate plenty of inner heat practicing these ancient yoga poses, breathing techniques and Kyras, which can last up to 5 minutes at a time, are very challenging and are proven to change and ignite biochemistry of your body, mind, and soul, bringing you back into balance and radiant health. This class is GREAT FOR BEGINNERS and anyone who suffers from wrist or shoulder injuries, as we do not spend so much time on our hands, in push-up positions or in a downward-facing dog. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Guided Meditation During this practice, Maria and Sequoyah will offer a series of tools and insights while taking you into a state of relaxation and energy release. Energy healings and clearing will be given throughout the meditation along with guided imagery and intention setting. All levels welcome. No experience needed. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS! 

 Yoga boutique features Teeki, Lululemon, Tallis & Truckee Love for both men & women.  We offer only the best classes, private yoga, special events, workshops, teacher training, sound healing, and massage. 

Beyond our incredible yoga studio, we are proud to offer spacious dressing rooms, showers,  a zen chill-out lounge, effortless parking, and endless love, encouragement, and smiles to all who walk through our doors.

We are here for you, through every step of this epic journey to your best, most empowered self through yoga!


Our spacious studio can hold up to 77 people so we never have to turn anyone away! 

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