teacher highlight: meet your yoga studio tahoe teachers

teacher highlight: meet your yoga studio tahoe teachers

march 2015 : deanna neu




  • what is in your yoga bag?

A:  My yoga mat, a small manduka sweat cloth, some note cards from teacher trainings, leftover maps and samples from Wanderlust, and some cash.  My yoga bag lives in my truck


  • what is your favorite…?

animal:   My dog Joey

asana:  Sirsasana – headstand

food:    Mexican and juices from The Mill


  • what is your favorite yoga book &/or online yoga resource?

A:   I enjoy Yoga Journal as a monthly read and inspiration


  • How do you challenge your personal yoga practice &/or how do you keep a consistent yoga practice?

A:   Studio Tahoe is my home away from home, my family and community.  When I am feeling happy and joyful I want to share it with my family, and when times are challenging, I know that I can unite with the family for unconditional love and support.  


  • What is your favorite thing to do off the mat?

A:    Ski, dance, laugh, be with friends and family, and always soak in the sunshine!


  • What is your personal teaching motto &/or teaching model? Or a favorite yoga quote?

A:   Remember, a smile means the same thing in every language.


  • Please briefly describe your most fantastic & amazing teaching moment.

A:  Teaching yoga is always fantastic and amazing. I love our community. learn so much from every person, its a joy to give to others what other teachers have given and blessed me with.


  • What song is currently #1 on your yoga playlist?

A:  Suga Suga by Baby Bash and Cool by Anthony Hamilton


  • Any final words?

A:   Be kind, smile, and love one another.


Catch Deanna’s weekly Sunrise Flow class, Tuesdays from 7:45-8:45 am.

Check out her schedule, as well as, the rest of our teachers, classes, and class descriptions at yogastudiotahoe.com.




About: Kellee Rich.  A yoga teacher and mom, in her hometown of Truckee, CA, Kellee enjoys spending her time outside the studio with her family and friends by paddleboarding, kayaking, snowboarding, and anything athletic and outdoors.  She holds a BA in English Literature from SNC.  Kellee is a Lyme Disease and Stroke survivor, and is currently working on a memoir about living with and surviving Lyme, and how yoga saved her life.  Poetry and yoga go hand-in-hand in Kellee’s world, and she brings this eclectic mix of inspiration and empowerment to her students and in her classes.

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