teacher highlight: meet your yoga studio tahoe teachers


teacher highlight: meet your yoga studio tahoe teachers

april 2015 : kellee rich




  • what is in your yoga bag?

A: My Yoga Journal, hydroflask, Ipad and glasses.  I always pack some inspiration, either Rod Stryker’s “The Four Desires,” or Rolf Gates “Meditations from the mat.


  • what is your favorite…?

animal:   I love all animals, but the Raven is my totem, and the Elephant (Jai Ganesha) resonates with me.

asana:  Crow pose continues to challenge me.  I love it.  I do it everyday! I also love side crow!

food:    Peanut Butter, hands down.  Avocado comes in a close second.


  • what is your favorite yoga book &/or online yoga resource?

A:   Right now it’s a toss up between the aforementioned “The Four Desires” and “Meditations from the Mat.  I highly recommend both.  Rod Stryker is going to be at Wanderlust Squaw this July, and I cannot wait to meet him in person, and hear his flowing wisdom. Here’s an example below.

The very definition of what constitutes a human being, what in Sanskrit is called a kama yoni, which means “the species which has the privilege of performing actions and which thus can change the course of it’s destiny” . . .  [is] the principle that defines us and sets us apart from all other species.  This idea was eloquently expressed by French essayist Charles Du Bos, who I believe conveyed the essence of all yogic teachings as well as the formula for achieving a truly fulfilled life when he wrote, “The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” -Rod Stryker-


  • How do you challenge your personal yoga practice &/or how do you keep a consistent yoga practice?

A:   I made a commitment to do yoga everyday for 45 days straight.  That was during my Teacher Training, in May of 2014.  Now, almost one year later, I have committed myself to a daily yoga and meditation practice.   It will be 365 days in a row, as of May 23, 2015!


  • What is your favorite thing to do off the mat?

A:    Paddleboarding or snowboarding, hands down!  My family loves to be outdoors together.  And I always #stopdropyoga  and #yogaeverydamnday (on Instagram).


  • What is your personal teaching motto &/or teaching model? Or a favorite yoga quote?

A:   Bhakti Yoga is love.  Love of yourself, and love of the world around you.


  • Please briefly describe your most fantastic & amazing teaching moment.

A:  Recently, a student approached me in desperate need to talk to someone. I felt honored that this person confided in me, and that I was able to provide support, inspiration, compassion and empowerment to them in their time of need, both on and off the mat.


  • What song is currently #1 on your yoga playlist?

A:  Real Love by MC Yogi, and M83’s Hurry Up We’re Dreaming Album.  The entire album rocks, especially the Intro/Outro tracks!


  • Any final words?

A:   Find Love.  Find Peace.  Find Light.  Nothing is impossible!


Catch up with Kellee every Thursday from 7:45-8:45 am for Bhakti Flow and every Saturday from 11:30 am -12:30 pm for Basic & Beyond Bhakti Flow.  Also, check out her workshops this April.  Yoga 101: An Intro to Yoga on Wednesday, April 22nd from 1-4 pm and Sankalpa, Meditation & Yoga Nidra on Sunday, April 26th from 1-3:30 pm.

Check out her schedule, as well as, the rest of our teachers, classes, and class descriptions at yogastudiotahoe.com.



About: Kellee Rich.  A poet and writer, full-time yoga teacher and devout mom, in her hometown of Truckee CA.  Kellee enjoys spending her time outside the studio with her family and friends by paddleboarding, kayaking, snowboarding, and anything athletic and outdoors.  She holds a BA in English Literature from SNC (Sierra Nevada College, a 4-year Liberal Arts School in Incline Village NV.)  Kellee is a Lyme Disease and Stroke survivor, and is currently working on a memoir about living with and surviving Lyme, focusing specifically on how yoga saved her life.  Poetry and yoga go hand-in-hand in Kellee’s world, and she brings this eclectic mix of inspiration and empowerment to her students and in her yoga and meditation classes.


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