teacher highlight: meet your yoga studio tahoe teachers

teacher highlight: meet your yoga studio tahoe teachers

june 2015 : abby jacob

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  • what is in your yoga bag?

A:  $20, a mat and a towel.


  • what is your favorite…?

animal:  octopus

asana:  uttkatasana

food:    kale


  • what is your favorite yoga book &/or online yoga resource?

A:  Intro to power by baron baptiste


  • How do you challenge your personal yoga practice &/or how do you keep a consistent yoga practice?

A:   I show up to class.  Simple.  It is so important as a teacher to continue to study and stay close to my teacher.


  • What is your favorite thing to do off the mat?

A: Dance!


  • What is your personal teaching motto &/or teaching model? Or a favorite yoga quote?

A:  Challenge yourself yet practice ahimsa… Keep the breath steady.  Be open to change and growth, it is inevitable.


  • Please briefly describe your most fantastic & amazing teaching moment.

A:  Anytime someone nails an arm balance or handstand for the first time in my class.  It’s exhilarating for all!  Also a good cry in savasana is always a sign of a great class.


  • What song is currently #1 on your yoga playlist?

A:  I love some van morrison in savasana…


Join Abby every Thursday’s @ 9:30 am for Bhakti Flow.  Check out her schedule, as well as, the rest of our teachers, classes, and class descriptions at yogastudiotahoe.com.  



About: Kellee Rich.  A poet and writer, full-time yoga teacher and devout mom, in her hometown of Truckee CA, Kellee enjoys spending her time outside the studio with her family and friends by paddleboarding, kayaking, snowboarding, and anything athletic and outdoors.  She holds a BA in English Literature from SNC (Sierra Nevada College, a 4-year Liberal Arts School in Incline Village NV.)  Kellee is a Lyme Disease and Stroke survivor, and is currently working on a memoir about living with and surviving Lyme, focusing specifically on how yoga saved her life.  Poetry and yoga go hand-in-hand in Kellee’s world, and she brings this eclectic mix of inspiration and empowerment to her students and in her yoga and meditation classes.




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