Truckee / Tahoe’s Premier Yoga Studio 


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Welcome to  Truckee’s premier yoga center devoted to you, your personal growth and the Tahoe community.  Come sweat, flow, chant and radiate with us to find the style that feeds your soul. Our World Class, Certified, Yoga Instructors will guide you safely through loving classes that will fill your spirit and unify your mind, body, and soul.

We are a Bhakti Studio. Bhakti, the yoga of love and devotion, is at the the heart of everything we do in order to make your practice powerful and fun. We cater to all levels and embrace everyone that comes through our door.  At Yoga Studio Tahoe we are devoted to inspiring others to live from a passionate place in all that they do. We heat the room in almost all our classes to help you sweat, detoxify and melt away tension and stress. We teach Vinyasa Yoga, which we call Flow. We offer a variety of classes that awaken, nurture, inspire and transform your soul.